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Our Services

Our Services
You can obtain your certificate through your account and Complete Chain will continue the procedures on your behalf.
Complete Chain provides transportation for Doctors from the airport, booking tickets and secure hotel accommodations in...
Register for the Jordanian Board by creating an account online and be informed of the exam terms and required documents...
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Dear Doctors, We would like to inform you that you can view the written Exams Schedule for the September 2023 session below, please note that the Clinical exams schedule is expected to be announced by
March 2023 - Schedule
Dear Doctors We would like to inform you that you can view the written Exams Schedule for the March 2023 session by accessing the link below, please note that the Clinical exams schedule is expected

Start Here

The Doctor should create a new account by choosing a name and a password, moreover fill the required data. He will then check his E-mail address, where he will find a link and will be able to re-enter his account to set the password. To create a new account. Press Here


After creating an electronic account, the doctor should tap on the Jordanian Board Application Form which is located under the "Services" section on the page where he/she will fill the form and upload copies of his/her documents.

The Scientific Committee in the company will review and evaluate the documents uploaded by the doctor to make sure that he/she fulfills the eligibility criteria, after which our team will contact the doctor within 48 hours.

Shall inform the doctor for the fees and notify how to be converted.


The Doctors documents will be delivered to the admission and registration department in the Jordanian Medical Council and will notify the examiner in an email if he has the access to the exam or not.

Complete Chain will pay the fees on his behalf for the Jordanian Medical Council and the doctor will receive the bill.

Exam Seating

Notify the Doctor about the date of the exam, location and its methods, moreover obtaining his own exam card.

Provide the Doctor with the Logistics Support that facilitate travel and residence.

Successful Doctors will be announced and provided with digital results if necessary.

Certificates Issuance

The Doctor should request to obtain his certificate and specifying the number of copies he want in both languages Arabic and English.

The staff will follow up with the certificates and authenticate them from the official bodies.

The certificates will be sent to the Doctor by the express mail.


Congrats, You just obtained the Jordanian Board Certificate.

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Doctors Testimonials
هبة ازمرلي

Dr. Heba Abbas Ezmerli

Family Medicine
Saudi Arabia

It was a very successful experience due to your professionalism.
Speed ​​and accuracy of completion are what distinguish the process of applying for the exam through your company.

بيشه وا

Dr Peshawa Mahmoud Amen

Plastic Surgery

 I would like to extend my appreciation for the amazing work done by your team.

Thank you for your regular communication with us over the last few months.


Dr. Laith Ali Alshams

Plastic Surgery

I extend my thanks and gratitude to your company and to the team for the huge effort.
Knowing and dealing with you was a blessing!


Dr Wasal Faisal Mohammed Sddeq

Plastic Surgery

Your efforts are appreciated for facilitating the registration process for the Jordanian Board Exam, all the arrangements were at the highest level of accuracy and professionalism.

الطبيب مكي حسن مرعي

Dr. Makki Hasan Marae

Emergency medicine

Thanks for your cooperation. I truly appreciate your effort in facilitating the registration process and delivering the certificates.

الطبيب زكي محمد العيسى

Dr. Zaki Mohamed AlIssa

Anaesthesia and Intensive care

It was a great experience in terms of facilitating registrations, issuing certifications, and saving time and efforts

اراء الاطباء

Dr. Omar Talal Khaddam

Internal medicine

In all ways, My experience with Complete Chain was great, including their services and their quick responses all the time .


Dr. Nouf Adel Alshamlan

Family Medicine

The trophy designed by your side was a very nice surprise. It was a wonderful experience in terms of facilitating procedures, quick response, and communication.


Dr. Nawal Mohammed Mefreh


I would like to thank Complete Chain's team, professional staff with perfect performance, I'm delighted to deal with the staff who facilitated my application process and they were ready


Dr. Syed Andrabi

Emergency Medicine

Complete Chain is one of the best sites I have encountered in my medicine career journey. very efficient and perfectionist staff to help you always.


Dr.Saud Kathem Abbas Aljabri

Diagnostic Radiology Specialist

I would like to thank Complete Chain for the accuracy at work, fast performance and also being concerned about their doctors.


Dr.Faisal Hassan Amin Al-Khadawurdi

General Surgery Specialist

I would like to thank Complete Chain. I had a very great experience with them, they are professional and they help the doctor to register and obtain their certificates.


Dr.Ali Jabber Issa Al-Haqwi

Family Medicine

My experience with Complete Chain was great, they were really helpful and professional.

I recommend that you should apply through them.


Dr.Reem Bint Abdullah Alsalameh.

General Surgery Associate Professor

I would like to thank Complete Chain for their proficiency and accuracy of answers to all questions, and for keeping us updated to the next process.


Dr. Muath Saleh Ibrahim Alshaie’

Anesthesia and Intensive care

Complete Chain staff are professional in providing their services and without any complications.


Dr. Ahmad Gharamullah Alzahrani

Internal medicine specialist

I would love to thank the Jordanian medical board for finding the right solution for serving their doctors when applying to the board exam.

Dr.Ahmad Abddali

Dr. Ahmad Yahiya Suleiman Abbdali

Family Medicine Specialist

Complete Chain provides a very useful services, starting in registering for the exam and following up with the certificates and authenticate them for us, they really saved us time


Dr. Abdelwahab Mohammad Hammed Alhadidi

Family Medicine specialist

Complete Chain makes it easier for the Doctors to register and obtaining certificates, they have quick services, additionally the staff are always available on replying our questions.


Dr.Suheil Abdullah Abaidallah Al-Turkistani

General Surgery Specialist

I had a very amazing experience with Complete Chain and I recommend that all doctors should apply to Jordanian Medical Board through this company it saved me time and