What is the highest professional degree in the medical field in Jordan?

It is the certificate granted by the Jordanian Medical Council in accordance with the provisions of the law and is the highest certificate of professional medical field in Jordan.

Is your medical training program outside Jordan?

If the applicant has been trained outside Jordan, he may register electronically on the Complete Chain Doctors website to evaluate his acceptance of the exam by the Special Scientific Committee through entering the following link:

Is my application accepted to apply for the Jordanian Board exam?

The doctor will be informed whether he is eligible to set for the exam or not by the Scientific Committee at the Jordanian medical council within 30 days from the date of publication of the documents by issuing a written decision that approves this.

Are doctors entitled to a Master's degree eligible to apply for the Jordanian board exam?

 Yes, doctors who have a master's degree are entitled to apply for the Jordanian Board exam where the doctor is entitled the certificate before 2008 with the exemption from the first part, and those who received after the year of 2008 have to sit for the examination of the first part and then complete another training year or two more depending on the decision of the Scientific Committee to qualify for the second part of the exam.

Is my absence from the exam recorded as an attempt?

 If the doctor paid the exam fees and was unable to attend the exam, it will not be considered as an attempt. (Not counted).

What happens if I do not pass the clinical part?

If the candidate does not succeed in the clinical exam, the reasons for not being successful will be written by the committee on the scheduled exam form in clear line when the committee members agree on the result. And the doctor must sit for the clinical examination of the second part without the need to re-progress of the written section.

How long is it permissible to object to the results of oral and clinical examinations?

The duration of the objection to the test result is one week from the date of announcement of the results. one week from the date of announcement of the results.

When is the doctor entitled to apply for the second part of the Jordanian Board?

 If the trainee has successfully completed his / her residency and training program and has received the training years completion document from the center of his / her training and educational hospital.

Can I apply for the clinical and oral section without going through the written part of the second part?

 Clinical exam and oral exam are only allowed for those who have successfully passed the written exam from the second part and obtained an average of 60% or higher.

What does it mean “the exam is incomplete” for part two exam?

If the applicant passes the written exam and fails in the oral & clinical one, it will be marked as incomplete and he has to re enter to the clinical exam again. 

How many attempts are allowed to apply for the first part of the Jordanian Board exam?

The qualified physician is allowed to partake the first part of the Jordanian Board exam for unlimited trials.

How many attempts are allowed to apply for the second part exam?

A qualified doctor is allowed to enter the Jordanian Medical Council (Part II) exam in his field of specialization, He can apply for the exam four times consecutively after he has passed the approved training years Successfully obtained any of the following:
 1. The first part of the Jordanian Medical Council certificate.
 2. The first part of the Saudi Board Certificate.
3. The first part of the certificate of the Arab Board.
 4. Highest competence certificate from the mother country.

If the doctor has exceeded  the number of permitted attempts, he / she must  do a one-year training in a recognized hospital (another training year after the date of the last attempt), and then have the right to apply for the exam two more times until he has completed a total of ten attempts, If he does not succeed, he will lose his right to enter the exam.