After the Exam

When will I receive my certificate ?

The doctor's certificates are sent to his residence address by the post office companies after their readiness at the Directorate of Admissions and Registration at the Jordanian Medical Council. This shall be within one month after the results are officially announced and then ratified by the concerned official authorities. This procedure takes at least a month of work.

Is it necessary for me to come to Jordan to get my certificates?

No need to personally attend and incur the cost of travel. You can assign Complete Chain company to extract the certificates on your behalf where the company: 

  1. Extract the Jordanian board certificate (in Arabic and English).
  2. Extract attested copies of the certificates according to the numbers desired by the doctor. 
  3. Attest the original certificates and copies of them from the Ministries of Health and Foreign ministry of Jordan and then the embassy of the doctor's country and any other embassy indicated by the doctor.
  4. Certificates are sent to the doctor to his address by courier companies

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What proof can I get by taking the exam until the certificate is issued?

In the event of success of the doctor in the examination of the Jordanian board (both written and clinical), the company can work on the extraction of a document from the Jordanian Medical Council, which indicates that he passed the exam until the completion of the issuance of the certificate of origin and can be obtained proof of passing the written examination only if The doctor completed (did not pass the clinical exam).

When the results of the final Jordanian Board exam will be announced?

The results for the first & second part of the written exam will be announced on the Jordanian Medical Council website in the same day which the doctor sits for the written exam, while the final results for the   clinical exam of the second part
Shall be announced after approval by the Graduate Studies Committee within at least two weeks from the date of delivery of the exam results.

If I do not pass the written part, are the fees paid for the clinical part of the second part exam will be (charged) for me?

Answer: The fees paid by the doctor to enter for the second part of the Jordanian Board include his seating for the written and clinical and oral sections. If he is not successful in written, he cannot retrieve the clinical and oral fees.  As the instructions of the Jordanian Medical Council do not allow the division of fees.