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Announcement Regarding September 2020 Session
Announcement Regarding September/2020 Session:
exam date rescheduled
The General Secretariat of the Jordanian Medical Council, in coordination with the Specialized Scientific Committee for Nephrology, announces the postponement of the (Nephrology) clinical and oral
Written dates
You can view the dates Of the written exam by entering the following link:​​
Jordanian Medical Council website launching by complete chain
The new website of the Jordanian Medical Council was launched by the Systems Design and Development Department at Complete chain company on 19/9/2017. The site is characterized by its modern design
Jordanian Medical Council Signed an agreement with the Cultural Attaché of the Saudi Arabia Embassy.
An agreement was signed between the Jordanian Medical Council and the Cultural Attaché of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Amman on 29/12/2015, by adopting complete chain for supportive
exam date rescheduled
Date Change:(Urology) exam has been rescheduled from Wednesday 28/8/2019 to be on Tuesday morning 27/8/2019. Note that The exam will be conducted in the same place in Prince Hussien Center / King